Viscore is a new kind of Photonics Company.  One that generates profit by providing customers just what they need from the fiber physical layer, without overdesign.

We morph to your requirements, and will give you:

  • High performance, standard products, designed and built for the volume market to minimize price and delivery time
  • Integrated modules and sub-assemblies, designed and built specifically for you, with the look-and-feel, and branding, of your system

How does Viscore provide high volume, high quality products as well as uniquely customized sub-assemblies sold to one customer only?  The answer is Lean vertical integration.

Lean Vertical Integration means that we own the parts of the supply chain that are critical to our success, and let the external market provide us with the rest.   This approach keeps costs down and lets us concentrate on our expertise.

Viscore Technologies Inc is positioned to help you successfully navigate optical application needs, especially those faced by systems designers, systems integrators, and valued-added resellers.

Viscore offers components, sub-assemblies, optical modules and Turn-Key solutions. Our products include BH-DFB laser ToCan and laser die; passive components; SFP/XFP, Video SFP, and other transceivers; PLC splitter, WDM+PLC, CWDM LGX, etc.

Please contact us via  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more details.