Viscore's mission is to develop technology and products that enable data movement and replication at levels of throughput, reliability, latency and speed which set the standards for tomorrow’s network applications.

Viscore has demonstrated impressive PoC results with Software Reliable Multicast, and Optical Reliable Multicast in the lab with select partners/target customers. Results include up to 50% IOPS performance gain in Software Defined Storage applications. Since Software Defined Storage is widely adopted in data centers and Enterprise, this represents a compelling application validation.

Viscore’s products are designed for Cloud and Cluster computing, and Data Center applications. In demanding data replication tasks, Viscore solutions will improve the performance of applications of Software Defined Storage, Spark SQL, Virtual Machine “images migration”, and parameter and data in machine learning. Viscore’s goal is that of value amplifier: organizations that depend on distributed computing will get far more performance from its computers if the time they spend waiting for data is slashed and if the work required to move or replicate data is slashed. For applications facing tight deadlines, Viscore technology is a breakthrough enabler, and hence a large value amplifier.

With Viscore’s Reliable Multicast and Data Replication, as well as deep optical capability, the Company is in a unique position to remarkably boost current data replication tasks, which are so central to software applications of distributed computing, storage, and hyper-converged infrastructure. The benefit is dramatic for applications both by using standard Ethernet and also making large numbers of copies of data objects like files, executables, etc. in a very timely manner. In some cases, the Viscore approach is 100x or even 1000x faster than today’s most common alternatives.

Applicable markets include Enterprise, Data centers, Cloud service, Storage, HPC, Distributed Database and Telecom Data center. Higher performance is being demanded to support the long suite of emerging applications such as Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), High Throughput Transaction system, and Distributed Database systems.


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